You’re not alone.

Get connected to a small number of dedicated supporters, who understand your mental health challenge and want to be there for you.

Join Circles

Find people who understand.

Millions of us want help with mental health challenges, but feel we can’t turn to our friends and family. Circles connects you to people who understand your situation and helps them help you, be it with addiction, depression, anxiety or anything else.

Create your private circle.

You have no public profile in our app. Your Circle is a private space for you and your Supporters. Tell us a little about your challenges and we will match you to 2-3 people who have gone through something similar and want to help. You can also invite people you know.

Be supported better.

Circles sends useful prompts and suggestions to Supporters so they can help you more effectively. Our app learns from you and your Supporters about what works best and makes it easy to express yourself, ask questions and share helpful content.

Who are the Supporters?

People who’ve gone through similar challenges, and now want to help others do the same. For us it’s a great moment if the Owner of a Circle starts to be a Supporter for someone else. Become a supporter